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Place for Mom Care in Walnut
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Senior Living


Canyon View Care Home is one of the best assisted living in Walnut Creek. We offer an excellent care home for all the elderly seniors.  This care home in Walnut provides a desirable and senior housing residence with active and focussed lifestyle at an affordable price.
Every elder deserves a better retirement living and Canyon View ensures to provide all the amenities to live independent and socially active lives with the security of extra support and help is at hand. The Key features include private, independent and shared bedroom inclusive of assistance with ADLs, recreational activities to promote comfortable hospitality. We have a fresh perspective to make retirement work in a style with a dash of modernity intact.

Affordable Assisted Living for Parents:

Home is a feeling for everyone and hence we aim to provide suitable care and guidance facility for the elderly living in Walnut. Our staff is skilled in housekeeping and personalized care. One may also find Devotional, medicational, hairdresser and beautician services with Canyon View Care Home.

Elderly Living

Meals, Housekeeping, Care with all ADLs including bathing, feeding, dressing, personal hygiene, grooming, oral, nail, and hair are taken well care. We deliver an excellent community for seniors to mingle and stay in harmony. We drill down to get all the details pertaining to you and make assisted living easy and contented. 

Looking for an assisted living for a parent in Walnut, Canyon View Care is an answer to all your queries. Canyon View Care is one of the low-income senior housing community in Walnut to nurse and care about aging parents.

This nursing care in Walnut is located in the heart of the city for easy access to shopping malls, parks, freeways, and health care stations. Book a tour with us to know more about our facilities and drop in your special requirements if any. 

360 South Rock River Road,
Diamond Bar,CA 91765